Transactional Ratings

One rating doesn’t tell the whole story

You decide who the most reliable partners are by rating each and every transaction

Transactional Ratings give you a clear picture of everyone’s performance history and work preferences, so you can make the best possible partnering decisions. Rate partners in multiple categories, write in-depth reviews, and answer critical questions about each job.

Break It Down

Rate your partner by timeliness, communication, and documentation for each individual job.

Hit Rewind

Review previous ratings and reviews to get the full picture of every users’ performance.

Lend a Hand

Mark reviews as “Helpful” to let others see what kind of feedback is most valuable to the community.

Talk It Out

Comments and replies allow the two parties to interact for more transparency and detailed feedback.

Rating System Overview

Rate in three performance categories

Give your transportation partner a 1-5 star rating in timeliness, communication, and documentation for a fuller picture of their performance on each job.

Leave a written review for more details

Users have the option to provide more in-depth written reviews and describe their experience working with each partner. These help everyone transact with new businesses confidently, and hold every user accountable.


Resolve disputes before 
leaving a review

If you think any problems can be solved privately, you now have the option to reach out and resolve disputes directly with the other party before leaving a negative rating.

Set preferred partners

If you work well with a particular shipper or carrier, you can favorite their business profile and filter your search results to only view preferred partners.

Rate canceled transactions

Leave an overall rating and write a review when a business you’ve partnered with cancels a job for any reason.


How do the new transaction star ratings work?

You can quickly leave one overall rating for each load to share your overall experience, or opt to share detailed ratings for timeliness, communication and documentation (this is optional and does not have an effect on the overall rating). Additionally, if you have more to say, you can leave additional comments based on your experience. We encourage you to leave a thorough review to strengthen our community.

Are all transactions reviewable?

Verified transactions dispatched through Central Dispatch are able to be reviewed. You are also able to rate and review canceled transactions booked via Central Dispatch. In some cases, loads are not dispatched through Central Dispatch for good reason, unfortunately these transactions cannot be rated. Be aware of that risk before transacting away from Central Dispatch.

Are reviews moderated?

To maintain complete transparency in the ratings, Central Dispatch will not moderate reviews for accuracy, with the exception of the comments section, which will only be filtered by language. However, if the overall rating is 1 or 2 stars, a pop-up box will appear to inform the rater that all ratings are final, and encourage the rater to contact the company to discuss a resolution prior to rating.

Are reviews editable?

To encourage honest and impartial reviews, all rating and comments are final and cannot be changed once submitted. This prevents users from retroactively changing positive reviews based on a more recent experience.

Can I encourage others to rate me?

Yes! Please encourage your transaction partners to leave ratings for your company.
However, keep it friendly, ratings must not be influenced by favor or threats. Attempts to manipulate ratings may incur account suspension.

How long do I have to do the review?

Both parties will have 60 days after the delivery of vehicle to rate the other company. If dispatch happens outside of the Central Dispatch platform, the transaction will not be eligible to rate.

If my account is deactivated and then reactivated, will the prior ratings be visible?

If an account is de-activated and re-activated there will be no impact on ratings. Ratings will be visible when re-activated.

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