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Running a profitable fleet is easier with Central Dispatch

We offer carriers like you a massive volume of load opportunities, plus all the digital tools you need to find the right jobs, from the top-rated shippers, at the best price, so you can easily manage your business, and keep all your trucks on the road earning money.

Key Benefits for Carriers

More Loads

Browse the nation’s largest transportation marketplace with thousands of new loads posted each day, and quickly find the right ones for you with advanced search filters.

Better Rates

Securing a fair and competitive rate for every job is easy with our price compare tool, where real loads and their listed market prices are updated daily.

Efficient Routes

Discover profitable load opportunities along your truck’s current routes in real-time with our route search capabilities, and keep every truck in your fleet full.

How It Works
Find a Load

Filter through jobs in our marketplace by vehicle type, origin, delivery destination, minimum payment, and much more.

Review Shipper Profile

Once you find a load, review the shipper’s ratings profile to see how they’ve worked with carriers in the past, and decide if partnering with them is right for you.

Accept the Job

Skip the paperwork and get moving fast with fully digital dispatches, and sign in to track our current loads and see shipper delivery preferences at any time.

Drop-off & Review

Once a vehicle is delivered, be sure to rate your experience with the shipper, so our marketplace can stay safe and secure.

How Can We Help You?
Multipoint Route Search

Discover extra opportunities along routes

Learn the details of your route and find additional load opportunities along it with our Multipoint Route Search.

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advanced search

Quickly find loads that keep trucks full and earning money

Use advanced search to find the ideal loads for your business fast. Filter by vehicle type, trailer type, number of vehicles, minimum payment, and more.

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You can rate every transaction

Transactional ratings create more transparency for you. We allow full ratings of every job that every shipper has posted, so you can have confidence you are finding the right partner for you to work with.

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user management

Manage your security and team profiles

Create individual accounts for each of your team members to manage their access, and eliminate the risks of sharing a universal login.

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