No one knows how to transport your vehicles better than you do

Connecting with your ideal transportation partner is easier on Central Dispatch

We let you arrange every detail of your shipment, including pricing, schedule, and delivery locations, so you can always find the right partner at the best rate, and ensure your vehicles are shipped with care.

Key Benefits for Shippers

Choice and Flexibility

List your vehicles in a marketplace where thousands of verified carriers are active every day, with complete profiles and credentials for every carrier to help you quickly find the right person for your job.

Better Rates

Not sure what to pay? Securing the best possible rate for every job is easy with our competitive pricing tool, where real market prices are updated daily.

More Transparency

Our user rating system gives you a clear picture of every carrier’s performance history. Partner with more confidence, leave reviews for every job, and hold everyone accountable.

What Can We Do For You?


Quickly connect with verified carriers in your area and to get the vehicles you need, with fast, reliable delivery from anywhere in the country.


Integrate your operations directly with your carrying partners, and eliminate paperwork with fully digital dispatch.


Combined with the innovative features of BATS CRM, preferred broker CRM of Central Dispatch, you will have the power to grow your shipping business and stay ahead of the game

Other Shippers

Central Dispatch’s flexibility means we can help a variety of businesses move vehicles, from auctions, to import/export, to salvage, and more.

How It Works
Post a Job

Fill out all your vehicle shipment information including delivery date, trailer type, price, and any other arrangements you need.

Review Bids

Review each carrier’s profile to see how they’ve performed previously, and decide who’s right for your specific job.

Dispatch a Carrier

Get shipments moving quickly with fully electronic dispatch. Log in anytime to track your listed vehicles and view carrier contact information.

Receive & Review

Once you receive your vehicle, be sure to rate your experience working with the carrier, so our marketplace can stay safe and secure.

Important Features for Shippers
Transactional ratings

Rate your partner’s performance after each and every job

Transactional Ratings bring unmatched trust and transparency to our marketplace. With full ratings and performance reviews of every carrier, and every job they’ve taken on Central Dispatch, shippers can make the best possible partnering decisions.

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user management

Manage your team and security

Create individual accounts for all your employees or contractors, control their access to features based on permission level, and eliminate the risks of sharing a single universal login.

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Get a fair and competitive rate

Listing your shipment at the best rate is fast and easy. Just use the price checker to see the listed price of shipments similar to yours, and if they were accepted by a carrier.

  • “We love the simplicity. It’s just very streamlined, straightforward, and easy to use. It will save you a ton of time and a ton of money.”
    Ronnie Warren
    Ronnie Warren
    General Sales Manager, Lexus of Cool Springs
  • “For me, it’s been great! I put my cars out there and they’re instantly available to hundreds of transporters. It really gives you that ease and flexibility.”
    Walter Lawton
    Walter Lawton
    General Manager, Infiniti of Macon

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