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Central Dispatch will soon be your one-stop shop for all things vehicle transportation

June 26, 2024 .

This August, we’re enhancing Central Dispatch to be an all-in-one, end-to-end transportation solution for both shippers and carriers. From API integrations, to Private Marketplaces, to a new mobile app for carriers — Central Dispatch delivers unmatched trust, efficiency, and connections at scale in one central platform. Take a look at some of the updates that are coming, and check back soon for more exciting announcements! 

New Private Marketplaces  

Private Marketplaces give shippers an exclusive space to interact directly with their curated network of carriers, and we’re the only vehicle logistics brand in the industry operating private marketplaces at scale today. Ready Logistics is now live with over 400,000 vehicles already shipped, and Nexus Auto Transport is coming soon, providing thousands of additional opportunities for carriers. 

Central Dispatch Mobile App 

Take control of your vehicle transportation from anywhere with the Central Dispatch mobile app for carriers! At launch, the app will include inspection capabilities for both private and public marketplaces for unmatched transparency into vehicle condition. This will also forge stronger connections between partners as shippers will be able to access documentation and EBOL for inspections completed in the app.  

A Growing Suite of APIs 

With seamless connections to third-party technology providers, you’ll be able to tackle any transportation need on Central Dispatch. Enjoy an end-to-end logistics solution and boost your efficiency with API integrations. In addition to posting and editing your loads through our listings API, our brand new fulfillment API allows you to manage and receive updates about your dispatch throughout the transportation lifecycle. 

Enhanced Dashboards 

Both shippers and carriers get instant access to more modern user interfaces, complete with new tools built to deliver even more control and visibility into the transportation process. The dashboard will serve as a central “command center,” with a cleaner, more efficient experience for shippers and carriers, with quick links to the most frequently used functions, a ratings widget, and more. 

Redesigned Dispatch Experience 

Both shippers and carriers can take advantage of our improved dispatch experience. Shippers now have better visibility from listing through delivery, while carriers will enjoy a more streamlined way to manage dispatches, assign loads to specific drivers, and complete inspections with our new mobile app.  

Keep checking back for more details and announcements as we lead up to the launch! 

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