Welcome to Central Dispatch

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Ready Logistics now has a new Private Marketplace, Central Dispatch, a more modern and dynamic platform with an easy-to-use mobile app, user management system, and better search capabilities. You’ll find more of the right loads, and gain unmatched control over your day-to-day logistics operations

Not signed up yet? Check your email for an invitation from Central Dispatch to claim your profile. If you haven’t recieved your email, contact the Carrier Experience Team at 623.335.4400.

Find The Right Loads

Improved search filters let you sort by trailer type, vehicle type, pickup location, price per mile, and more.

Manage Your Entire Team

Create individual accounts for each employee or contractor. Set your own guardrails on what marketplace features they can use, and what sensitive business information they can see.

Drive More Efficiency

Track and manage all your current shipments in one easy-to-use dashboard, and enjoy a more efficient workflow with a fully-modern and streamlined user interface.

1. Set up your account

Owners of carrier accounts will receive an email to set up their access to the Ready Logistics Private Marketplace Driven by Central Dispatch.

Logging in:
Follow email instructions

Click “Get Started” to begin setting up your account. Behind the scenes technology will check the Central Dispatch platform to determine if there is an existing account with a matching MC Authority number.

Note: Link expires in 30 days. If expired, please contact the Carrier Experience Team at 623.335.4400.

Owners with an existing account

If a match exists, you will be able to sign in using Central Dispatch credentials. After signing in, you’ll be taken to the Central Dispatch account page where you will be able to choose which account to access.

Owners without an existing account

If a match is not found, you will be asked if you have Central Dispatch credentials.

Create a new account

If you’ve never logged into Central Dispatch before, you will be asked to create an account.

Once logged in:
View your Dashboard

Access information in your account from the Dashboard page. Manage dispatches, account users, keep track of all loads, and more from the Dashboard.

Manage users

Once the owner sets up the account, you can invite other people to be users on the account and assign roles to the users. Each user’s assigned role will determine their account permissions.

Learn More

Switch between accounts

Owners with multiple accounts (Central Dispatch and Ready Logistics Private Marketplace account) can toggle between accounts.

2. Download the new inspection app

The new mobile app is required for inspections on all Ready Logistics loads. Download and start using the app today to avoid account restrictions and inactivity.

3. Get your welcome kit

Now that you’re all set up, download your Central Dispatch Private Marketplace welcome kit. It contains quick reference guides that show how to utilize the new dashboard, use advanced search make an offer, and more.


Why do I need to use my Central Dispatch Log-in for Ready Logistics Private Marketplace?

For ease of use, it is recommended to use same log in as used in Central Dispatch. Once signed in, the user will be able to toggle between the Ready Logistics Private Marketplace account and the Central Dispatch account.

What if the link in the email invitation expires?

Link expires in 30 days. If expired, please contact the Carrier Experience Team at 623.335.4400.

What if I do not remember my Central Dispatch log in?

Use the Forgot? button on the log in screen to recover your username and/or password.

What if a user does not know if he / she has Central Dispatch credentials?

Use the I’M NOT SURE link to recover username and / or password.

Can I use the same email account to access multiple accounts (i.e., a driver that drives for several different companies)?

Yes, you can use the same email address to log into the marketplace, once logged in you can select the account you want to view. You will need to switch accounts to view information for the different businesses.

For questions, please contact us at 623.335.4400