How It Works For Shippers

You post the vehicles you want to ship, where they are going, and what you are willing to pay to have each of them shipped. Carriers, who are already traveling your route and want to fill their trucks, contact you directly to transport your vehicle.

While CentralDispatch® is not a shipping company, we connect you to over 6,000 carriers ready to transport your vehicle. In addition, we provide access to U.S. DOT license information, insurance information and ratings for carriers as well as an online dispatching system to make dispatching faster and easier.


Post vehicle(s) on CentralDispatch. Interested Carriers will contact you
by phone.


Review the Carrier profile on CentralDispatch to verify Carrier meets criteria.


Assign Carrier to your vehicle shipment.


Receive your vehicle(s) and rate the Carrier who fulfilled the job.

Not an Auto Transport Professional?
Are you an individual looking to ship just 1 or 2 cars? CentralDispatch is a site for auto transport professionals. However, you can find Auto Transport Companies ready to ship your vehicles at