I get over half of my loads from Central Dispatch. It allows me to run my trucks full more often, which means more money in my pocket.

Bob Carrier Lightning Fast Transport

You can search the vehicles that brokers, dealers and other shippers have posted on CentralDispatch®. Each posting includes where the vehicle is going, and what the shipper is willing to pay to have the vehicle shipped. When you find a vehicle that is traveling along your route for an acceptable price, you contact the broker or shipper directly to offer to take the vehicle.

1 Search

Search vehicle(s) on Central Dispatch.

2 Contact

Contact shippers by phone to arrange for pickup.

3 Accept

Shippers assign their vehicle to you on Central Dispatch and you accept the agreement.

4 Deliver

Deliver vehicle. If terms are COD, collect payment. Rate the shipper based on your experience.

Efficiently book more of the right loads and get paid faster with our Carrier features.

Central Dispatch is proud to announce enhancements created specifically for our Carrier customers. These new features come directly from years of listening to our community of professional auto transport Carriers and will help you earn more revenue by booking more quality loads. Save valuable time and money with powerful new tools designed to help your business run smoothly. Our team has been hard at work to help you grow your business and stay successful.

Multipoint Route Search

Our powerful new search algorithm helps you locate extra loads along your route giving you added opportunity to earn more cash on each haul. Plus, better plan your route with the ability to specify multiple waypoints.

Carrier Invoicing

Get paid faster through integrated invoice creation and email customers with the click of a button.

Document Storage

Gone are the days of misplacing a file or important paperwork associated to a dispatched vehicle order. Document Storage enables carriers to store and share important files for all of your loads.

Preferred Shipper

Save time and effort by quickly identifying the good players and blocking out the bad ones. This cool feature permits you to save your preferred partners, highlighted in your search results while filtering out non-preferred shippers.

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