"Cookies" must be enabled to use CentralDispatch®.

Central Dispatch sets one or more "cookies" on your web browser to remember who you are. Without this information Central Dispatch cannot allow you access to secure information. There is no work-around to gain access without enabling cookies.

You can find information on enabling cookies at the bottom of this page.

Once you have enabled cookies, Click Here to go to the login page.

Cookies allow Central Dispatch to store information until the browser is closed or the cookie expires.

When "Remember me on this computer" is checked, Central Dispatch creates a 30-day cookie which is renewed each time a Central Dispatch page is accessed. (You will have to log in again if you have not accessed Central Dispatch within the past 30 days.)

How To Enable Cookies

For instructions on how to turn on cookies in various web browsers, go to Google's Cookie Page.